Bed Bug Control Wembley

Bedbug control Wembley


We recently had a call from a local Guest House in Wembley where a guest reported being bitten in the night while staying in one of their bedrooms. As you can imagine this is not good for business. But unfortunately this is not a isolated incident and is not the guesthouse fault. Bed bugs no boundaries and you can transport them on your luggage all over the world. they don’t even need a airline ticket. We attended the property and got the problem sorted discreetly and quickly and without any fuss.

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Moth Control in Chiswick



Moth Control Chiswick

Some of our insect control jobs are not caused by parasitic organisms but are nonetheless equally problematic for customers. When we received a call for moth control in Chiswick recently I knew exactly the type of job we were likely to find.

Moths are not necessarily dangerous to health in the same way that a cockroach or even a bedbug infestation can be but are capable of causing a huge amount of damage to property. The way moths breed and feed, as larvae, means that soft furnishings and clothing of all kinds are at risk. This is especially true if the problem is left unaddressed for a long period of time.

On this particular job in Chiswick, our customer was an elderly lady who had suffered a bout of very poor health the previous year. As a result she was unable to climb the stairs and no longer used the upper floor of the house. She explained to us that her daughter sometimes went up there to clean it, but this was infrequently as her daughter now lived in St. Albans.

After climbing the stairs we quickly realised the extent of the problem. It was very dusty up there and one room was literally humming with moths. They were everywhere, on the curtain rails, on the shelves. This was a very serious infestation indeed.

We sealed the upper floor from the rest of the house and spent an entire morning spraying and fumigating to address the problem.
By the time we had finished carrying out the treatment, there was not a live moth in sight.

Bed Bug fumigation in Harrow

Bed bug fumigation in Harrow

There was a period of time where there seemed to be an epidemic of parasitic insect infestations in North West London. As a result we decided to run a special offer and put advertisements in local newspapers offering incredible value on bed bug fumigation in Harrow.

We were inundated with calls and had literally a full week of week of work where all we dealt with, every day were bed bugs in the Harrow area. We sent out four teams, all of whom carried with them the necessary specialist equipment, including pesticides.

Bed bugs are incredibly prolific animals that can infiltrate and spread throughout buildings in an area with the merest contact. Sometimes all it requires is for someone with eggs attached on their clothing to enter someone’s house unknowingly. The eggs can then become detached, hatch in the new surroundings and within the space of a few hours a breeding population of insects has been established.

There was one road in particular, containing a mixture of houses and blocks of flats that seemed particularly prone. We must have worked our way through a third of the houses on the street. Nonetheless it was a very positive experience for our company and having such a high number of satisfied customers in a concentrated area really enhanced our local standing.

After a while we stopped running the special offer, but we still receive a large number of similar calls in Harrow simply through word of mouth recommendation.

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Rat proofing in Winchmore Hill N21

Rat proofing in Winchmore Hill N21


Commercial customers, especially those dealing in food preparation are the most sensitive to rodent control. This was certainly the case on a recent of job of rat proofing in Winchmore Hill N21.

Our customer was the owner of an Italian restaurant. He had just taken over the business and was preparing to open for his night. He had seen no evidence at all of rodent infestation but knew that there had been some in the area. Several other local restaurants and cafes had been forced to close due to mouse or rat problems and that was an eventuality he was keen to avoid.
Of course we were happy to oblige and a quick inspection of the premise confirmed his view. As far as we could determine there was no rodent issue of any kind. We set to work instead examining potential access points and found several areas of concern. Most of these were in the form of cracked and missing brickwork but there were also broken air vents and gaps under external doors which potentially could provide space for rats or mice to find a path inside.
We addressed all of these as thoroughly as we could and our customer was extremely grateful. Shortly afterwards he was inspected by the local council and given a top hygiene rating. Once he opened for business he quickly became very established in the local community. We like to think it was thanks in some part to our work, as we gave him the confidence to know his efforts would not be interrupted by rats!


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Important information about Wasps this Summer


Tips to avoid being stung this summer

Of course, the best way to treat a wasp sting is to try and not be stung in the first place so here are a few tips to try and avoid this happening:

If you find yourself swarmed by bees or wasps, try to move away slowly. Our immediate reaction is to wave wasps away. This makes the situation worse by ‘exciting’ wasps, making them more aggressive and likely to sting.

Wear an insect repellent as these are effective with wasps too

Do not interfere with a wasp nest. The wasps will immediately attack in defense.

Some flowers and other shrubs are particular favorites of wasps so try and stay away from these.
Be careful eating outside, especially sweet sugary things, including liquids. These sugary items can attract wasps.

Another suggestion is to avoid wearing perfume and other strong scents as some people believe that wasps are attracted to them.

If you working in an area that you can see many wasps then sensible precautions would be long sleeves, trousers etc. to keep as much skin as possible covered thereby minimising chances of being stung.

And finally, keep an eye out for nests in the garden and in eaves of houses. If you notice an increase in wasps numbers, more than usual it may be because there is a nest close by. If you do find one, call a reputable pest control company.

If you suspect you may have a wasp nest then please contact the professionals for a effective treatment